Answer these questions correctly and win a prize

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Answer these questions correctly and win a prize

Post by Hiuxing on Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:02 am

Win a prize
by answering these questions correctly

Since we are a non-profit website, we aren't able to give big prices.
Anyway, since FA is celebrating it's first birthday, I made a quiz for all the members on FA. Win this competition and maybe you're able to leave a message in FA's message card that would send directly to Jiro's fan address.
Since the card doesn't have much space, only five people are able to write on this card. And I know that A-LOT of people would answer the quiz correctly. So to threat everyone fair, I downloaded a program that generates names and would choose five names.

Good luck,

Administrator + quiz sponsor XD


1. Who are the founders of Fahrenheit Avenue?
  • Hiuxing & Shiny Stars
  • Hiuxing & Yellow Stars
  • Hiuxing & Little Stars
2. How much tracks has Fahrenheit's album Two-sided Fahrenheit?
  • Twelve
  • Thirteen
  • Fourteen
3. Which record label isn't signed with Fahrenheit?
  • HIM International Music
  • Pony Canyon (Japan)
  • SM-Entertainment (Korea)
4. What's the name of Fahrenheit's first Japanese single?
  • Stay with you
  • Stay with me
  • Stay with us
5. Who collaborated with Fahrenheit in the song Suan Tian (Mengniu Yogurt song)?
  • Jolin Tsai
  • S.H.E
  • Jade Liu

Please send your answer like the following example:
1. Answer
2. Answer
3. Answer
4. Answer
5. Answer

and mail it to FA's mail: {}

Note: Do not forget to mention your user name!
Send you mail under indication of ''FA Quiz''
You can send your answer till 20 August.

Please note: Mails without including the profile information can not be treated!

Good luck everyone!

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Re: Answer these questions correctly and win a prize

Post by kailien00 on Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:44 pm

who won? hahhahha!
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