Up for adoption

Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:20 am by Hiuxing

Dear fans,

There comes time for everything to come to an end. Eventually a light bulb will burn out.
Sadly, the end of FA has come. My personal life had a major impact in having this decision.

Quitting being the administrator on this forum doesn't mean I don't like them anymore.

But, I don't want this space to be wasted so I'm looking for a new Administrator.
If you're interested in being the moderator please mail:

FA Username:
Little info about you:
Webmaster experience:
Why you should be the next admin:


If you have any questions or problems please contact us via .

Hiuxing and Little Stars
Founders of FA

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Fahrenheit's 4 New MVs

Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:56 pm by Little Stars

GREAT NEWS! Fahrenheit has released 4 new MVs which include--"Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun" , "Mo Mo" (ending theme of "Ai Jiu Zai Yi Qi/"Superstar Express"), and "Zuai Jia Ting Zong" and "Heng Xing" today (Jan. 23) from their 3rd album "Yue Lai Yue Ai"
Please click for full reading so you can see all four MVs!

[center]"Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun" (Lonely Ferris Wheel") MV

"Mo Mo" ("Quietly") MV --Clips of "Ai Jui Zai Yi Qi"/ "Superstar Express" Jiro's upcoming drama are included in this MV!

"Zui Jia Ting Zong" ("Best Listener") MV

"Heng Xing" ("Star") MV

[ Full reading ]

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Fahrenheit Makes Dumplings for Chinese New Year!

Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:00 pm by Little Stars

**Article Translated by Little Stars (Admin@FA) directly off the GTV entertainment News Report.**

**Click to watch the Funny video of Fahernheit making dumplings!**

Yesterday (January 21,2009), Fahrenheit came together and made dumplings (jiao zi) for New Years. The challenge of making these dumplings was to see how creative Fahrenheit was. "Look at my dumpling, its like a jin yuan bao (a Chinese golden bullion)!" says Jiro showing off his dumpling to the camera.
"I'm using two dumpling wraps for mine." says Wu Zun
"Why?" asked Aaron
"That's cause we Taiwanese people like to add wontons when we eat our noodles."
"Yea, after eating this you will not be hungry and you would be doubled skin!" joked Wu Zun.
To make their challenge even more fun, the four of them hid a coin in 4 dumplings. The person who eats the dumpling with the coin in it will be able to open a lucky red packet. Inside the red packet was either a prize or a punishment. Luckily all four of them ate the dumplings with the coins in it and were all able to open the red packets. Fortunately, both Jiro and Calvin got the red packets with prizes in them. "Look at ours! No punishment!" they both exclaimed giving each other a big HIGH-FIVE. However, Wu Zun and Aaron were the unlucky ones and opened the red packets with a punishment. Wu Zun's punishment was having to drink bitter tea. "2008 was a bitter year, so this bitter tea is nothing compared to the sadness and bitterness that occurred in 2008. I am going to challenge that bitterness in 2009!" with that said Wu Zun Chugged the Bitter tea. However, the bitter tea was too bitter for Wu Zun to stand and he ended up with goosebumps! "Its so bitter I am getting goosebumps!" he exclaimed.
"Wow he's such a professional actor he can even act that he has goosebumps!" said Calvin
"No, really, look at my arm, goosebumps! Oh so bitter!" said Wu Zun showing his arm.
Aaron, on the other hand, was required to sing a song, but his great friends decided to …

[ Full reading ]

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Recent Fahrenheit Event and Interview

Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:59 pm by Little Stars

Image of interview is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Recently, Fahrenheit was interviewed about their New Album's sale. With their new style in both image and music, their CD "Yue Lai Yue is selling great and they are very happy with their success. However, preparing and promoting a new album requires a lot of hard work and can be extremely stressful, Therefore, Fahrenheit's record company has decided to let Fahrenheit go for a SPA to release their Stress. " I am actually afraid of massages because they are very ticklish, I am not afraid of the pain, I'm just very ticklish." says Jiro. Later on the interview, Fahrenheit was asked about their thoughts on other artists achievements overall. " I think we should all respect an artist/musicians hard work, because not only do they put their heart to their music and productions, they also try to do their very best during promotions as well." replies Aaron. During their promotion events, Fahrenheit also attended a cancer campaign, Wu Zun could feel what the cancer patients were feeling. " When my mother was suffering from Cancer, I tried very hard to help her and to give her hope, but I think the most regretful thing was that I never actually felt or did was to be able to understand or know what she was trying to tell me. Every time she was trying to tell me something important, I felt sad and told her not to tel lme. I feel very unhappy and regretful for not being able to know what she was trying to tell me before she left." explained Wu Zun.

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Fahrenheit's New MV Ji Mo Bao Zou

Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:02 am by Little Stars

Fahrenheit's New MV "Ji Mo Bao Zou" has been released a couple of days ago! Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.

NOTE FROM LITTLE STARS (ADMIN): Due to busy Homework and school, I was not able to come on FA recently to help with the updates and new news about Fahrenheit. I am deeply sorry for all members who have been wondering: "what is wrong with FA? NO UPDATES?" Hiuxing and I have been extremely busy with our school work/studies.Hope members will understand. We hope in the future members will continue to support our forum for Fahrenheit Fans. As the Admin Personally I will try very hard to see if I can come on FA more often to update any news. Once again, I am extremely sorry for not being able to be on FA for such a long period of Time. Hope everyone will have a great New Year!

Best Wishes,
Little Stars (ADMIN@FA)

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Fahrenheit still dance even when they're injured

Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:44 am by Hiuxing

飞轮海负伤排舞谢歌迷 为保持最佳状态进补
Fahrenheit still dance even when they're injured just to thank their fans, eating well to stay healthy

新浪娱乐讯 21.09.2008 - 飞轮海将于本月26及27日,在香港亚洲国际博览馆举行《想入飞飞Fantasy Tour世界巡回演唱会》,成员辰亦儒、汪东城及炎亚纶为排练相继扭伤,但仍忍痛练舞,为了以最佳状态登场,四子还不停进补。个唱舞台耗资近千万元,以蓝色为主调。而最贵的980元门票附送的礼物盒终于揭晓,包括四子演唱会海报造型、飞轮海肖像港铁单程纪念车票、四子肖像小型电筒。 (鱼鱼/文)

SINA Entertainment 21.09.2008 - Fahrenheit will held on September the 26st and 27st their concert "Fantasy Tour" at Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong. Fahrenheit members Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan have sprained one's ankle, but are still dancing just to take their concert to the next level. In order to bring their best debut, four of them are eating well to stay healthy. The stage cost 1,000 …

[ Full reading ]

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Fahrenheit Live In Hong Kong

Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:34 am by Hiuxing

Fahrenheit Live In Hong Kong

Date - 26-27 September 2008 (Friday-Saturday)
Time - 8:15pm (The Arena will be opened 1 hour before the scheduled performance)
Venue - AsiaWorld-Arena (Hall 1 of AsiaWorld-Expo)
Ticket Prices - HK$480; HK$380; HK$280; HK$180
Ticket Sales - Tickets are available at all URBTIX and Tom Lee outlets. For booking, please call (852) 2111 5999 / (852) 2734 9009 or visit www.urbtix.hk
General Enquiries - (852) 3741 1017
Organiser - WOW Music Ltd.
Tel - (852) 3741 1033
Fax - (852) 3741 1038
Email - info@wowmusic.hk
Nature - Concert
Remarks -

  • Age Limit: 6
  • Smoking is prohibited at AsiaWorld-Expo
  • No outside food and beverage is allowed at AsiaWorld-Expo
  • Unauthorised photography, filming and recording is prohibited at AsiaWorld-Expo

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